Easy Ration Sheets

It takes just 2 clicks to start feeding cows. Did we mention it was easy?

  • Easily adjust today's feeding weight.
  • Reorderable ingredients. Only if you want them to be.
  • Recalculate sheets after filling errors.
  • Built in adjustable feeding orders.

Fast Pen Info

Need to keep an eye on intakes for each pen? No problem.

  • Fast and accurate pen overview.
  • Easily see intake changes and take action.
  • Know exactly what was fed every day. Forever.
  • Simply adjust cow numbers.

Quick Inventory Management

Ever miss an order or not been sure how much you need? Never again.

  • Know exactly what to order and when.
  • Get reminders to make sure orders have been placed.
  • Easily review ingredient use trends.
  • We automate everything except the phone call.

Our pricing

Its really simple. On purpose.

$10 /mo
billed monthly or annually
First Month Free
Inventory Management
Daily Ration Sheets
Unlimited Users
Cloud Backups
Free Customer Support
Get it on Google Play
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STANDARD -- Coming Soon
$100 /mo
billed monthly or annually
Everything in BASIC, including:
Scale head integration
Sample Management
Herd Managment Software Integration
Advanced Data Export
Feed Order Automation

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